Privacy Policy

AplusXpert provides this privacy policy to make you aware of the policies and procedures regarding collecting, utilizing, and disclosing information that we collect through our website and any other application, widget, online platforms, and services owned or controlled by AplusXpert.

Here, we will explain how we collect that information and under which condition we disclose it. Later in this privacy policy, we will discuss how we ensure the security of the information and how our users can choose to disclose, update, and modify the information they have uploaded on our website. In this statement, we have tried to cover all the data collection, security, and sharing bases. So, we request you to read this page till the very end before signing up for our website to avoid any misunderstanding or disagreement in future.

Table of Contents

  • 1
    Information Collection
    • Information you provide
    • Information we collect automatically
    • Information we collect from third parties
  • 2
    How We Use Your Information
  • 3
    Information Sharing and Disclosure
  • 4
    Information Security
  • 5
    Your Choices and Rights
  • 6
    Phishing Protection
  • 7
    Changes to Privacy Policy
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    Contact Us

1. Information Collection

In this section, we would like to let you know that we collect some information from our users whenever they use our website. The users here may refer to the client companies, the freelancers, or the related agencies. We have three modes of collecting the information:

the information that we directly collect from you, information that gets stored automatically in our servers, and the information we collect from third parties.

Information that we collect from you

It refers to the information users give us during the signup process and in the later stages of use of our services. It may refer to the following types of information:

Account Details:

Information like login details to your account, including registered email ID, phone number, password, user name, profile picture, name, and other information. Personal Information: It refers to your personal details like home address, educational qualification, skills and certificates, etc.

Identity Verification:

To ensure that only authentic users register to our site, we collect some identity verification information. These are important to maintain the authenticity of the services rendered through our website.

Location Information:

It refers to the location where the users prefer to use our services from. For client companies, it may also refer to the project location.

Financial Information:

To complete our responsibilities, we require some of your financial information like bank account number, IFSC code, branch name, UPI details, and other information.

Information that gets collected automatically

During your usage of our services, some information and data get automatically collected into our servers. This information usually includes:

Information related to the projects that the users post or bid for.

Information related to the bidding process.

Feedback related information.

Work chats.

Project related files.

Other project related information.

Apart from the information mentioned above, our website may use cookies, web beacons, and embedded scripts. These technologies may track the user’s location and device information. Such information is vital for ensuring a smooth usage of our services.

Information we collect from third parties

Sometimes, we may receive some information about our users from third parties, which may be essential for rendering our services. We would like to let you know that all the information we collect from third party apps is also covered under our privacy policy.


Our internal policies strictly guide the use of the information we collect from you. In the basic terms, we use your data for the following purposes:

To provide, improve, and successfully complete the services rendered to you.

To complete the financial transaction, if any, the clients or us initiated either.

To develop and foster long term business relationships with all the parties.

To maintain transparency in the entire service.

To enforce and comply with legal bindings, including investigations, whenever necessary.

Measuring the level of engagement and analyzing the user’s performance.

Ensuring internal safety and preventing the threats of cyberattacks.

To provide a fair exchange of business through our platform.


The information collected from your side will be shared, wherever required, with your due consent, to the following entities:

To Our Financial Vendors:While initiating the financial transaction, we need to share your bank related information with our financial vendors.

To Freelancers / Companies:For rendering our services, we will share the freelancer’s information with the job posting companies and vice versa.

External Service Providers:We may take help from external service providers to maintain our websites and improve our services. We may share your information with the service providers if and only if it is extremely necessary for business exchange.

Third Party:Sometimes, we may need to share your information with third-party entities under specific legal bindings. It may include legal suits, investigations, and other severe scenarios.

Contests and Promotions: AplusXpert reserves the right to use the user’s information in posts related to contests and promotions. Hence, by registering for the contests, you give us the right to use your information during the entire course of that contest.


At AplusXpert, securing your information is our topmost priority.

We understand that you share many of your sensitive information with us, and we value your trust by taking the best data security measures possible.

We have deployed the best industry technologies to avoid data breaches or cyber threats.

The access to our site is guarded by the TLS technology, while we use SSL technology to safeguard all the information that you share with us.

With our continued vigilance, you can always rest assured that using AplusXpert is 100% secure.


As mentioned above, AplusXperts use all your information only on receiving due consent from your side. We understand that your information is quite sensitive, and we guarantee you the following rights on any of the information you share with us.

Right to Access: Our users can access all their information whenever they need or want to look at them. You can even request us a hard copy of your profile details whenever you want.

Right to Correct: AplusXpert gives you the right to correct, update, and maintain your data shared on our platform.

Right to Delete: You have the right even to delete your information available on our platform. But, remember that every information we collect is necessary for rendering our service. Hence, deleting any information may impact or limit your usage of our platform. Also, in cases of conflicts and legal obligations, we may not allow you to delete certain sections of your profile if the information seems extremely necessary to continue the investigation, legal suits, or resolve disputes.

Right to be Anonymous: Under special circumstances, you can send us an email requesting to make yourself anonymous over our platform. But, before considering this option, you should be aware of the inconveniences you might face by doing so. Anonymous freelancers or companies often struggle to find credible freelancing projects or freelancers.

Right To Withdraw Consent: You can withdraw your consent anytime, but doing so will limit your use of our services.


Phishing is a serious crime, and we are concerned to protect all our stakeholders against any phishing activities.

We are hereby requesting all our users that if they receive any form of formal or informal communication from phishers pretending to belong to AplusXpert, inform us immediately at

We will initiate strict legal actions against such agencies or individuals.


Phishing is a serious crime, and we are concerned to protect all our stakeholders against any phishing activities.

AplusXpert reserves the right to change this privacy policy if needed. But, rest assured that we will provide advanced notice to all our users before making any change in our privacy policy. Once we implement the changes, the user will be given a chance to accept or reject the new privacy policy. Accepting the same will ensure the continuation of our services, while leaving the same may limit your usage of our website.


We understand that our users might face difficulties understanding and abiding by the stated rules.

So, if you have any questions or want to clear out your doubts, feel free to connect with us at

We will be happy to hear your concerns and resolve your queries.